Why the Flower Industry is the Happiest Business?

Flowers are beautiful creations of Mother Earth, comes in all shapes and forms, all colours and sizes. They appear in all parts of the earth, different seasons get different flowers blossoming. It is like a gentle reminder that even in the most unexpected places you will find their beauty creeping in.

❀ The Gifter

When a person has the intention of buying flowers, whether it is for their loved ones or themselves, they are always in such a happy mood. Carefully selecting the type of flowers, the colour that their loved ones would like, excited about the gift that they will be giving away.

❀ The Receiver

When the flowers are delivered or presented to the receivers, you will always see their happiness coming from within. The person who delivers or the gifter themselves get to see this joy, the joy of receiving such a beautiful gift.

❀ The Florist & Their Team

Gardeners and florists are the happiest profession of them all, nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs. Research shows that flowers and plants have a positive influence on people’s daily lives, it’s no wonder florists and their team can’t help but benefit from it.

“Flowers always Make People Better, Happier, and More Helpful;
They are Sunshine, Food, and Medicine for the Soul.”

Luther Burbank

❀ Happy Hormones

Research shows that flowers make us happy by triggering the brain’s Happy Chemicals – Dopamine, Serotonin & Oxytocin. Whether the flowers are sent to a friend, parent or loved ones; these hormones produced help build a sense of social trust, feeling of happiness and satisfaction from receiving a special gift.