The Elements Of Astrology – Finding The Perfect Gift For Your Zodiac Sign

While reading your horoscopes, you may tend to bump into words like “fire sign” or “water sign”. These are actually the four elements in Astrology. You may call it The Holy Quaternity Of Astrology, give it a fancy name to take.

In Western tropical astrology, each of the four elements is associated with 3 signs of the Zodiac which are said to be in trine with one another. Zodiac element meanings vary, and they influence each zodiac sign greatly — and, by proxy, each person. You may know there are 12 signs of the zodiac, but do you know the element of each sign? There are four elements: fire, earth, air, and water, making what is called a triplicity of three signs per each element.

The cycle starts with a Fire Sign; in terms which is Aries. It moves next to the Earth Sign (Taurus), then the Air Sign (Gemini), and lastly; the Water Sign (Cancer). It goes on a full cycle in repeat, much like how your 4 seasons pan out. Certain astrologers believe that having these elements with you would boost your charm or flair, and may reflect much on your compatibility with other zodiac signs.

For compatibility, it is pretty simple: Air signs will usually get along with other air signs, water with water, fire with fire, and so on. As a basic rule of thumb, fire and air signs are compatible together (think oxygen plus flame), while water and earth signs are compatible together (think of rain and plants). Fire and water signs together can be dramatic and passionate, but it often leads to extinguished fire (energy) and scalded water (emotions). Earth and air together can talk for hours, but there could be a lack of emotional bonding. Knowing these little stats can make astrology a lot more understandable, especially when it comes in handy for gift picking. We’ve categorised each zodiac signs to each respective elements for an easy take on gift selecting. Which zodiac element are you?

Element Of Fire
(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Named The Stars for very prominent and nefarious reasons, Fire signs are passionate, bold, and charismatic. Always leading with a bright spark, these signs are tremendously confident & often lead by their heart & intuition. Just like how fire engulfs everything once it’s set ablaze, a fire sign could effortlessly accomplish anything if they truly set their hearts to it. As to when it seems all good, they may occasionally throw a fireball onto you if you step on their line.

Colour of choice: Red, Amber, Yellow.

Element OF Earth
(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs are naturally grounded, loyal, stable, & wise. They are the keys to your every door. Due to their high reliability, they are regarded as the most trustworthy as business partners & professionals. As systematic & dedicated as they come, they’ve much earned the title of The Legends of the signs. Word of caution; they sometimes may be extremely stubborn, they’re not easily dealt with when that happens (HINT: give them food & they may come around).

Colour of choice: Dark Green, Brown, Blue, & Voilet.

Element Of Air
(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs have wits as sharp as a tack. Generally categorised as quick, smart, & flirty; they make the best socialisers, writers, charmers, the list goes on… They display a high sense of quirkiness & intellect, it will never be a bore to speak with one of them. Catch them on a bad day, & they might ghost out on you though. Air signs typically need a lot of peaking interest to stay around. Their light & airy presence may not be for everyone.

Colour of choice: White, Grey, Neon/Shocking Colours.

Element Of Water
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The water signs keep us in touch with the collective heart & sooul of humanity. They are sensitive, highly intuitive, & deep. Being the very compassionate kind, they tend to be great at speaking between the lines. They are also very caring, sweet, & empathetic. Water signs generally are very calming & soothing, and are able to heal those in need. Sometimes they may get too emotional over certain issues, mostly not even related to them. They however love much deeper than anyone, and are willing to go depths beyond to help a person in need.

Colour of choice: Any Form Of Blue, White & Pale Colours