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Flowers speak the international language of love, gratitude, support & hope.  Flowers are sparks of hope in these turbulent times.  Deliver a message with preserved flowers today.

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    Blue Ore(Bluetooth Speaker with LED)

    RM428.00 RM348.00
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    Pink Passion

    RM128.00 RM108.00
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    Blue Side

    RM135.00 RM114.00
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    Skye Blue

    RM138.00 RM117.00
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    Bowden’s Mate

    RM168.00 RM134.00
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    Party Time

    RM268.00 RM215.00
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    Old Lovers

    RM338.00 RM270.00
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    Forever with You(Available in 2 colours)

    RM378.00 RM321.00
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    Happy Ever After(Includes Metal Plate)

    RM428.00 RM338.00
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    I Promised(Includes Metal Plate)

    RM458.00 RM368.00
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    Fav Kiss

    RM458.00 RM328.00