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  • Wanderlust(Available in 4 Colour Options)

  • Made For You

  • Sale!

    Happy Together

    RM288.00 RM208.00
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    Crazy In Love(Comes With LED)

    RM278.00 RM198.00
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    Love Scripts

    RM228.00 RM158.00
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    Untold Promises(with LED)

    RM268.00 RM188.00
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    An Unexplained Feeling

    RM228.00 RM138.00
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    Call You Mine

    RM218.00 RM158.00
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    Taken by A Promise

    RM368.00 RM298.00
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    Someone Like You

    RM388.00 RM318.00
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    Remember the Feeling

    RM338.00 RM278.00
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    Flaming Love(Bluetooth Speaker with LED)

    RM408.00 RM288.00
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    You Are All I need(Bluetooth Speaker with LED)

    RM398.00 RM358.00
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    Dear My Lover(Available in 3 colours)

    RM438.00 RM358.00
  • The Lucky One

  • My Universe