Got questions you need answered before you make your purchase in our eStore? Check the Frequently Asked Questions below! If you need further clarification on your orders, do contact us!

e-Store FAQ

What are the shipping or delivery charges?

Our delivery charges  depending on location of delivery as well as type of delivery within Peninsula Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak . Types of deliveries available are :-

  • GDex Courier Shipping
  • Personal Delivery within Klang Valley
  • Same-Day Delivery within Klang Valley
  • International Shipping is via TNT Express

Do refer to our Delivery Policy for the full information.

Which payment methods are accepted in this eStore?

We accept several types of payment methods in our eStore :

  • iPay88 (VISA, MasterCard, Band Transfer)
  • PayPal for other credit cards or International credit cards.
How long will delivery take?

Delivery will not take more than 5 working days for our standard courier service via GDex. However we also offer same-day delivery at an additional cost for locations within Klang Valley. Do refer to our Delivery Policy for the full information.

What happens after I make an order online?
  1. Your will receive an Order Note Confirmation via the email address you registered with.
  2. Your Order will be processed immediately by our team (provided that the order is made during working hours on a work day, which includes half day on Saturday).
  3. If it is an off-the-shelf order, it will be sent for processing by our Packaging Experts. However for Custom Orders our Floral Design Team will be consulted to create an arrangement according to your specifications. A picture of the design will then be sent for your approval before we proceed to finalize the customization.
  4. If your shipping is VIA GDex, they will be called to collect your item and a GDex Tracking ID will be emailed to you. However if your item is by Personal Delivery / Same-Day Delivery you will receive a call / email notification from our Customer Service representative.
Will I receive a receipt for my order?

Yes, every confirmed online order will be followed by a confirmation email and receipt sent to the email you entered in your order form.

Do you ship orders overseas?

International Shipping is via TNT and you are required to contact ( for further information.

*THAILAND, HONG KONG, INDONESIA, CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, BELGIUM, CANADA, FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, USA, UK.  You may process your order at our e-store.  Shipping to above countries via TNT Express. *

Please note that shipping charges are separate from taxes or duties and the customer is responsible for paying any custom charges, duties and/or VAT.

What is Personal Delivery?

Personal Delivery is our door-to-door hand delivery service that is available for Klang Valley residence or office for a fee of RM25/RM40.

Click here for Personal Delivery Zones

Personal Delivery is not the same as Same-Day Delivery. Please read our Delivery Policies here.

Product FAQ

What are the benefits of preserved flowers over fresh flowers?
  1. Prolonged Shelf Life : Depending on storage / environmental conditions,  best viewing period for preserved flowers are 1 – 3 years. Generally preserved flowers will not wilt as fresh flowers. As a comparison, fresh flowers typically last 1 week or less.
  2. Reduced Waste and Cost : Longer shelf life means less frequent replacement. For a hotel front desk, you would need to throw away the wilted natural flowers and replace with a new arrangement 52 times a year.
  3. Product Versatility : We are able to change the colour of the flowers to suit the occasion or colour theme.
  4. Time Factor : Preserved flowers floral arrangement are not constrained by time pressure. Arrangements can be prepared ahead of time for collection and still look as fresh on the day of your event.
How long can an arrangement last?

LavieFlo’s preserved flowers does not have an expiry date.

The condition of the arrangement may deteriorate depending on the environment you place the flowers in, it does not wilt like fresh flowers.

Our flowers can last for years, but we always say that the best viewing period is 6 – 12 months due to wear and tear and weather conditions. We don’t want to over-guarantee as the Malaysian climate is a humid one.

Depending on care, your LavieFlo arrangement / gift can last for years and years in a temperate room environment like an air conditioned / cool room.

How do I care for the product to make it last as long as possible?
  • Do NOT water the product
  • Do NOT expose to direct sunlight or strong light
  • Avoid direct contact with anything wet
  • Store and display at temperatures below 35 ̊C
  • Best humidity level at approximately 40-60%
  • Blow with hair dryer from a moderate distance when dusty
Why is the cost of preserved flowers much higher than the cost of fresh flowers?
  • Only the highest quality flowers are used for preserved flowers
  • Only non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the preservation process
  • On average, only 30-50% of the flowers meet the stringent quality control standards
Are there chemicals used in the preserved flowers safe?

Yes. Only non-toxic and cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the process for preservation.