Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations in your life, and you want every little detail to be perfect. What could be more perfect than a beautiful wedding bouquet loaded with beautiful memories?

Your bridal bouquet is a once-in-a-lifetime accessory.  When else do you get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for you,       all day long?

#1 Choose your Wedding Dress First – The final design and floral components of your bouquet will depend on the style, color, and cut of your wedding dress. Bring a picture of your dress.  The bouquet should complement your dress.


#2 Choose the Shape & Size of the Bouquet  The bridal bouquet is meant to accentuate the wedding dress, not obscure it. Consider something smaller, and more colorfully dramatic, to give your bouquet the wow factor you’re looking for. And remember the bridal bouquet rule of thumb – your bouquet should be smaller than your waist, to help accentuate your natural shape.

Bouquet shape

#3 Color Coordination A blend of colours is a good choice.  Contract is always good against an ivory wedding gown.  Choosing a theme color that matches your personality & that’s represents certain sentiments of your love.

#4 Personalise Your Bouquet The bridal bouquet is a very personal part of your wedding ensemble, and should necessarily reflect your own tastes, style and attitude. Add an antique brooch to your bouquet, that’s make the bouquet unique to your special occasion. 

#5 Choose a comfortable bouquet – ( you will be holding it all day)- LavieFlo’s bouquet are light-weight, ideal for for all brides

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