Bridal Bouquet Online 1


It is every girl's dream.... to walk down the aisle in an elegant white gown and be the most beautiful woman the groom has ever seen.  The bridal bouquet is the final touch essential to completing the look. We offer a variety of designs and colours for bride-to-be to choose so she may enjoy a bouquet that truly enhances her beauty and personality. 


1.) Personalized to best suit your beauty and personality 

2.) Plan & collect  earlier , your bridal bouquet weeks before your big day to reduce the hassle

3.) Re-use it for multiple events.  Pre-wedding photoshoots ( be it destination shoot ), wedding day and dinner functions - even if they are months apart.

4.) Preserving the memories, turn your bouquet into a keepsake that continually blooms for years to come as a flora display in your new home. 

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